Membership Verification Exercise

Good day bros and sis,

CivicXSG is conducting a membership verification exercise to ensure that our database remains updated. I will be contacting you via SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram/Facebook Messenger within these two weeks. So if you see someone identifying himself as CS with an unknown number +65 ****0882, don’t worry, it’s me, your friendly CivicXSG admin.

As CivicXSG is exclusive to CivicX owners in Singapore only, I would appreciate it if you inform me if and when you have sold your CivicX. 

For CivicX owners, if you do not wish to be contacted for any CivicXSG related matters anymore, pls do inform me so that I can remove your entry from the database as well.

Otherwise, a nil reply is NOT required. Haha.

Thanks and have a great day ahead!

– CS, on behalf of your friendly CivicXSG admin team