Terms and Conditions

  1. Pre-requisite for Registration. You must own a Singapore-registered Honda Civic 10th Generation at the point of registration. Only one person can register for the membership per car.
  2. Use of Personal Data. CivicXSG is committed to properly protecting and respecting your privacy to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore.
    1. You agree to allow CivicXSG the use of your data (Name, Email Address, Mobile Phone, Car Type, VRN etc) and to contact you for the following purpose:
      1. Communicating with you on your enquiries, requests or feedbacks.
      2. To provide you information, materials or documents on organised events, products and groupbuys.
      3. Disciplinary matters such as complaints received by the club’s admins or breaking the club rules and regulations.
    2. CivicXSG may release your registered contact details and/or collect additional details to facilitate your expressed interest in joining organised activities that may be sponsored by external vendors. In such cases, CivicXSG will notify You prior to releasing your particulars to the vendors.
    3. CivicXSG may publish photographs and videography of You and/or your car during organised activities on our official website and social media platforms. If You do not wish to be featured, You should inform the admin team during the registration of that organised activity.
  3. Etiquette and Rules for Facebook Group/Chatrooms.
    1. Discuss constructively and refrain from personal attacks.
    2. Respect all races, religions, gender, nationality and other car clubs and communities (including vendors).
    3. Profanities are frowned upon, and may result in you being banned.
    4. All advertisements and groupbuys are to be screened by the CivicXSG admins before posting in any of the official chats and facebook group.
    5. When in doubt, check with any admin.
  4. Organsing Group-buys. Members may gather interested owners to organise group-buys of products and services in order to enjoy better deals. When doing so, all members engaged in the group-buys will have to abide by the following guidelines:
    1. You must inform the admin team prior to organising and/or advertising a Group-buy so that we can check for compliance.
    2. Everyone, including the organiser, should receive the same level of benefits (monetary or non-monetary) from the group-buys.
    3. The organiser cannot and should not represent the vendor in the Group-buy. As such, You agree to assume full responsibility for assessing the quality of product/service and decide for yourself if You want to engage in the group-buy.
    4. You should contact the vendor directly if any issues arise from the Group-buy. However, if a sizeable group of members face the same issues, the organiser may act as a single point of contact for this group to the vendor to resolve the issue.
    5. When You participate in the Group-buy, You agree to abide by the Organiser’s deadlines to collect the product/service. Specifically for the Group-buys organised by CivicXSG admins, You agree to collect your products within three days from the announced collection date. Should you not meet the deadline, the Organiser reserves the right to dispose the product/service to recover any costs incurred.

  5. Prohibitions.
    1. Soliciting of Business. In order to protect the privacy of our members, soliciting of business in any form within CivicXSG is prohibited. This includes proactively advertising products and/or services in the Telegram/Whatsapp chatgroups and/or the official Facebook Group as well as soliciting business from the members privately. However, in the exception when a member indicates need for help first and their product/service is able to serve that need, they may approach that member privately.
    2. Sharing of access to Chatgroups and services. Chatgroups and services are set up to serve the needs and interests, and are exclusive to Singapore-registered CivicX owners registered with CivicXSG only. As such, You agree NOT to share the chatgroup links to non-members without the CivicXSG admin team’s permission. If they are Singapore-registered CivicX owners, do encourage them to register at the CivicXSG website.
  6. Change of Registered Contact Details. Should You change your contact details (e.g. shifted house, change mobile phone numbers), You shall provide the updated information to the CivicXSG admin team within three working days, so that we can maintain your membership.
  7. Cessation of Membership.
    1. You may submit a request to the admin team to cease your membership for any reason (sold your car, don’t want to be contacted anymore etc). Upon receipt of your request, the admin team will proceed to remove your membership data within three working days.
    2. The CivicXSG admin team reserves the full right to cease your membership (1) if we are not able to contact You via your registered contact details for at least one week or (2) subject to paragraph 9.
  8. Indemnity against liabilities. As CivicXSG activities are not compulsory, You agree to take sole responsibility of assessing and mitigating the risks of your participation. You also agree to indemnify the CivicXSG admin team against all liabilities as a result of your participation in those activities.
  9. Misconduct and Disciplinary Actions. Members are expected to not misrepresent CivicXSG and its purpose when dealing with vendors during group buys. CivicXSG also takes a very strong stance about respecting the members’ privacy and integrity of the collected data. Anyone who is found to have breached the terms and conditions or improper conduct (eg. Driving dangerously without care for others’ safety) would be subjected to warnings, suspension and possible removal from the group.
    1. Appeal. Affected member may submit an appeal to the admin team in writing for consideration within three working days upon information of the disciplinary action against him/her. Upon receipt, the admin team will deliberate upon the appeal and inform about the decision within one week. The admin team’s decision is final.
  10. The CivicXSG admin reserves the full rights to amend the Terms and Conditions, and will notify You about the changes one week prior to enforcement.