How It All Began

CivicXSG humbly began with some like-minded enthusiasts who had pre-booked the CivicX (way before the official launch) coming together in a Whatsapp chatgroup in Apr 2016. We would share about our love of the car and our previous rides, sharing ideas and tips for maintenance, as well as contacts for the best deals (aka poison), and almost everything else under the sun. As the group grew, we also helped to negotiate with vendors for the best group buy deals possible. We even took our discussions offline, at Kallang McDonalds, rims shops and even regular kopi sessions. We even celebrated each other’s joy when we finally tided through the painful 4 months wait to collect our cars.

We have regular meetups, DIY session , detailing session and not forgiving our numerous sports activities and event to gel our members.

Since established on 22 April 2016, CivicXSG has over 800 registered members (as of 15 Mar 2019) and their professions range from educators, traders, military regulars and lawyers.

CivicXSG Vision

To support Civic X Singapore owners’ journey to drive their cars safely, respecting everyone on and off the road, while having limitless fun!


Respect, Grace, Limitless

Our Activities

CivicXSG organises quarterly club-level activities and impromptu meet-ups for coffee, food and talk

about cars. We also organise regular group-buys from taobao and automotive vendors (window shades, carplates etc) every now and then.

We recently also started affiliation with several car-clubs, including our sister club from JB.

Join CivicXSG!

We at CivicXSG believe in not leaving any CivicXlian behind. So if you are a proud owner of the Honda CivicX registered in Singapore and want to join us, you may register your interest using the following contact form and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Terms and Conditions