Hello there, welcome to the home site of the official Civic X SG car club!

We are a group of Singaporeans who own or are about to own the 10th generation Honda Civic (which we passionately call it the CivicX). Some of us came together as early as 22 Apr 16 to form a group to support each other in our long, nail-biting wait for the launch of the new CivicX. Since then the small group has grown to over 800+ members strong support club (correct as of 15 Mar 2019).

Check out the webpages to find out more about the support club and read about the activities that our members organised/took part in recently.

And if you are a proud SG owner of the Honda CivicX (or awaiting collection), why don’t you join us? Leave your particulars with the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible!